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Larry, as part of the Geriatric Care Manager team, is our Daily Money Manager.  He has 40+ years in Business Financial Management.  Having assisted numerous families in money management and budgeting, he has an understanding how important a senior’s budgeting process is because of rising costs in care.  With Geriatric Care Management 4U, LLC, a wide range of personal services are offered.  These services can be a one-time consultation visit or ongoing in managing your daily money management.  We are bonded and insured, along with being a member of American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM.)  Some of the services that can be provided by a Daily Money Manager are:


  • Sorting your mail
  • Preparing your Checks
  • Paying your bills/Deposit checks
  • Reconcile your bank and other financial statements
  • Set up automatic pay
  • Investigate, reconcile, and negotiate medical claims and other creditors
  • Prepare your budget
  • Determine worth/Assets and liabilities
  • Assist in setting up repairs of home, etc.
  • Recommend debt reduction
  • Organize necessary papers for tax professional
  • Coordinate care and transportation
  • Notarize
  • Assist in making long term care plans
  • Options of other requests related in this area
  • Projections, cash flow, and uses

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