When is it Time to Start Searching?

When is it Time to Start Searching?

1. The first huge sign is caregiver stress. Family caregivers are “My Heroes” and it is also said our “Unforgotten Heroes”.  Caregivers can feel  isolated from others and feel like they need to hold up the weight on their shoulders, never complain, and feel guilty when they feel resentment or feel they cannot handle doing everything for their loved one.

2. Safety Issues are a clue.  Can they care for themselves?  Are they high risk of falling?  Are they safe in preparing meals on the stove?  Can they take medication correctly?  These are a few of questions to ask about your loved one.

3. Financial Responsibilites—Are they paying bills on time?  Has the electricity been turned off because of no payment?

4. Depression—Is your loved one depressed or exhibit loneliness?  This is especially common, after the loss of a spouse.  There may be a need for more socialization.

5. Appearance—Is there appearance changing, such as not showering, wearing same clothes day after day, etc.?”

6. Dementia—Have they been diagnosed with a dementia, such as Alzheimer’s.  Are they forgetting important appointments, such as doctor appointments?  Wandering can become a huge issue.  Even if they live with you and they are wandering, this could be extremely stressful on you and cause your health to decline, and in turn, you would not be available for your loved one.

7. Aggressive Behavior—If physical, verbal, and emotional abuse are frequent, this takes a toll on the family member.  The “Sundowner Syndrome” is one example of increased agitation and is exaggerated with someone diagnosed with dementia.  This could become an extreme hardship on the family.

Of course, the best time to the search is when your loved recognizes it is time for them to move to an independent senior community or assisted living.  Don’t we wish this would be the clue for all of us to recognize “When is it time?”

When you believe it is time to start searching for the “right” housing choice, whether independent senior communities, assisted living, or memory care.   Senior Housing Options 4U does the footwork and investigation.  There are numerous different types in all 3 areas.  We actually meet with you face to face, visit with you about your loved one and determine which option would best fit.  We then do our research, customizing it to your situation, and bring you some options.  This saves you time, energy, and frustration.    Give us a call.  We are available 24/7 for your need.


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