"If it wasn't for Caregivers Connection 4U, I would be lost.  I wouldn't be where I am today.  They helped me get VA benefits.  That means everything.  They are like my family.  They have shown me how to eat because I have diabetes.  My diabetes if now under control.  They have helped me make the right decisions in my life, when I needed help. We found a place closer to my son."  Don R.

"When I was at the end of my strength caring for my husband who suffered with Alzheimer's, I came to a point that I knew I could no longer provide the care he needed.  It was overwhelming for me to search for a facility that met his needs.  Senior Housing Choices 4U stepped up and offered to do the footwork for me at no cost.  They found an ideal place, a dementia specialist location and made the transition so much easier for my loved one and me.  God bless this operation.  They are the greatest." Sandy D.

"Compassionate Caregivers 4U came to our rescue when my mother fell where she lives and ended up in the hospital.  Those who cared for my mother were amazing.  They kept excellent notes, were thorough, professional, and very kind.  My mother is healing well from her numerous falls because of the 24/7 continuous care she is receiving.  I am so grateful for Carolyn Legg, the owner, and all the ladies who minister to my mother's many ongoing needs with dementia.  I highly recommend Compassionate Caregivers 4U!"  Melinda D.

"It is an honor to have been asked to give the many reasons my husband and I feel blessed to be familiar with the care group representing the caregivers of  Compassionate Caregivers 4U.  The caregivers are a group of people trained by schooling and are experienced in helping those of us who can no longer care for those many needs we have.  These needs include many of the following such as grocery shopping, doctor's appointments, housekeeping, and much more.  I am in my late eighties. The people who are assigned to you and your family are responsible for assisting in the following things, such as housekeeping, planning and preparing meals, weekly laundry and care of pets, if necessary.  You will be monitored and supervised by the staff of Compassionate Caregivers 4U. These people are available to you as needed and they are available by telephone." Dean and Betty G.

"I am so grateful for the tremendous help Caregivers Connection 4U has provided for F. and M!  The ladies who have faithfully served have consistently been kind, respectful, thoughtful and loving in serving and relating to F. and M.  The agency has always gone the extra mile in providing extra help when needed and has also taken steps to keep our financial obligations reasonable.  The agency's response to all of my questions and/or concerns have always been gracious and forthright.   I am confident in the integrity and care the agency has consistently demonstrated to me and to F. and M.  They have been a blessing."  Pam W. 

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