Veterans Benefits

The Facts:

  • VA Pensions are available for Veterans OR surviving spouses of Veterans
  • $22 Billion dollars set aside each year for pension but only 1.5% is used
  • Millions of WWII and Korean War Veterans have no idea that this is available to them
  • Surviving spouses of Veterans can qualify if they were married to the Veteran at his time of death, and have nor remarried since

(unless the most recent marriage was to a  Veteran).

Preliminary Qualification:

  • 90 days active duty; 1 day during war time
  • Honorably or Medically discharged
  • Private paying for Medical Expenses

Pension Amounts for 2020:

(Amounts Are Subject to Change Without Notice)

  • Married Veterans receive $2,266.00 per month/Both Spouses Veterans $2,675.00
  • Single Veterans receive $1,912.00 per month
  • Widows of Veterans receive $1,230.00 per month

Department of Veterans Affairs pensions do not work like Medicaid. They are based upon the amount of medical expenses paid out of pocket for:

  1. Home Health Caregivers and Nursing Homes
  2. Assisted Living Communities and Alzheimer’s Communities
  3. Prescriptions and Medicare Supplement Insurance

"Our veterans and their spouses have a special place in our hearts.  They are to be recognized in keeping we, as Americans, free while having sacrificed much.  Of all people deserving of help, it is the veteran and spouse.  We honor you with great admiration in what you have given.  Thank you."

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